X-PRESS EVENT GUIDE RELAUNCH WA Entertainment Bible’s premiere Guide

It’s time to relaunch a classic.

Here at X-Press we pride ourselves on being THE entertainment bible for WA, and part of that is giving you comprehensive listings of all the amazing music, arts and events happening in and around Perth.

Recently we’ve been working hard to return WA’s premiere EVENT GUIDE back to its former glory.

We’ve listened to your feedback, we understand that there’s a hole where our weekly Guide in the old printed version of X-Press used to be, and we’re making damn sure the new online version is finally as good – no, better – than the original.

We get that a lot of people use Facebook for their events now, but we challenge you to find another Guide in WA where you can find so much variety staring back at you, for any given day, all neatly compiled on ONE PAGE.

We’re forever looking for new ways to improve as well, so feel free to email us at [email protected] if you think something’s missing.

And in the meantime, to celebrate the RELAUNCH, here’s a new weekly column, Perth’s Top 5 Events This Week:

1 Perth Comedy Festival @ various venues – last weekend!
Jonathan Pie, Fiona O’Loughlin, Aunty Donna and local legend Matt Storer are among the big names at WA’s most festive month of comedy.

2 Augie March/ Davey Craddock album launch @ Mojos
This really is a double bill to die for – two cracking new albums launched on the one night. Twice.

3 Tropical Fuck Storm @ Badlands & Mojos
They blew us away at Perth Festival and now that debut album A Laughing Death In Meatspace has landed we’ll even know the songs!

4 Solo vs Deadpool 2 @ various cinemas
Plenty of people will be rushing out to see the latest Star Wars epic and who can blame them, but we’ve already seen Deadpool 2 and it might just be the funniest film of the year to date!

5 Summer of the Seventeenth Doll @ State Theatre Centre
We also gave Black Swan’s latest production a healthy 8.5/10, and really, what’s better than local theatre done well?

Check out the all new X-Press Event Guide now!


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