TETHER Heartless gets 8.5/10



Four-piece alt-rock locals Tether released their newest single Heartless late 2019, and together with its new video premiered by X-Press, it goes pretty hard. Taken straight from their upcoming EP Severance (out Friday, February 14), catch them launching it at Lucy’s Love Shack on February 21.

Codie Sundstrom, Caitlin Norris, Molly Case and Amy Muir came together as Tether late 2017. They have a talent for bringing different sounds together and turning them into one colourful, sparkling bang.

Heartless was a long process that started in the dark, on the floor in Norris’s bedroom with herself and Sundstrom but it was never finished. The first verse lyrics were written before Tether was even a thing and there were other lyrics that never made it into the song. They even played it live but felt it didn’t sound right until they created the outro which finished the song off.

Reportedly, comedy TV show BoJack Horseman played a part in bringing light to some of the dark lyrics. Norris explained that she and Molly watched an episode together one day where BoJack’s Grandmother is emotional after the death of her son and is made to have some sort of lobotomy where she loses her mind. The last line of that episode was “Why I have half a mind…” but she is unable to finish the sentence as she only has half a mind. This is quoted in the song in the very first verse. The rest of the song is about false memories and relationships that didn’t end well.

Having had this song on repeat, it’s hard not to feel something on the chorus refrain’s “I dreamt that I died”. It really is brilliant. Check out the video for Heartless below.


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