POLISH CLUB Boys on Vacation gets 7/10

Polish Club

Boys on Vacation
Island Records


Sydney rockers Polish Club have made their feelings and frustrations known on their new song Boys on Vacation. The tune was written while the group were creating their third album Now We’re Cooking, but wasn’t able to make the final track list, meaning it’s now set to feature on upcoming album Now We’re Cooking in Hell, due out on Friday, June 10.

Boys on Vacation is the first release from the new album along with its counterpart on the double A side, Bad Vibrations. Boys on Vacation is different from Polish Club’s usual sound, implementing heavy drums and copious amounts of electric guitar to give it a real rock and roll feel. The upbeat tempo and more 80s rock style makes it a song you’d dance to with your friends or bang your heads to as you sing along.

It’s hard to miss the meaning in the lyrics too, as Polish Club channel their anger into political messages so patently it’s like they’re trying to influence people’s votes. “I think it’s inevitable that anger and political vitriol comes out in all artist’s music” said Polish Club’s singer David Novak. “Its none of my concern  if anyone is unable to realise that essentially all music is inherently political, especially in a time where the entire industry has been left to die by the government.” His comments imply it’s no coincidence that this song came out at election time.

It’s not clear yet whether Boys on Vacation reflects how the rest of the new album will sound, but with its heavier 80s rock vibe it might be an exciting taste of what’s coming next.


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