Local live experience Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care release new album Heal Me on April 26 and will celebrate its release at Clancy’s Fremantle on Saturday, April 27. 

The band will be supported by The Chlorines, Mr Gordon Lee and Keith ‘Chaos’ Renshaw. 

Maurice Flavel, responsible in part for sparking The Drones and The Kill Devil Hills, describes the sound of the album as “big-sounding gospel grunge.” He goes on to say: “I was writing songs about healing and redemption, and I wanted a gospel choir of voices with a filthy rock sound.”

The band consists of original Gutterville Splendour Six bass player Stefan Hamilton, Peter Gordon, and ex-Healers drummer Miles Hitchcock, together with three female backing singers; Paige McNaught (PMX), Mel Maharaj, and Mae Elliot, as well as keyboardist David Siroen (Them Jackdaws).

“We gigged for two years then went to the studio,” Flavel says. “We have an intense sound with a soft spot, so we called it The Intensive Care.” The tracks cover some incredible themes including, title track Heal Me which is about a relative who fought and beat cancer. Move A Mountain describes Flavel’s own struggle to get out of a wheelchair after a back injury and Clear Day is about the search for mental and emotional clarity.

Heal Me is out April 26. Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care play Clancy’s Fremantle on Saturday, April 27.

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