IN THE PINES Final 6 bands complete line up… nearly!

RTRFM’s In the Pines 2019
line up is finally complete! Well, almost. The astute out there will notice that there are only 19 bands in this lineup… which means there is one more to come and it’s a super secret. The latest additions taking over Somerville Auditorium on Sunday, April 14, 2019 are…

Having had one hell of a 2018, In The Pines would not be right unless Carla Geneve was on the bill. Her track Greg’s Discount Chemist (listen below) was the most played song on RTRFM last year and her wonderful storytelling and melodies make her one of the most exciting talents in the Australian music scene in years.

Pat Chow (pictured above) are one of the hardest working bands in Perth. Through countless gigs and continuous releases, the four piece make the no fuss rock and roll. Last year’s album Overwhelming Care was overwhelmingly considered one of the best WA LPs of 2018.

Natasha Eldridge is a Noongar lady hailing from Perth and with her band Kruise Kontrol makes some beautiful and haunting pop music. Telling tales of her people and her experiences, Natasha captures the far-reaching talent of Western Australia.

Having toured the US and Europe, Zerodent are back and ready to play In The Pines. Led by local legend Pex and Lee Jenkins on vocals, Zerodent play fast paced garage at its bloody best.

Occasionally a young band emerges that makes you take notice, and Yomi Ship were that band in 2018 for many. Their post rock tunes mixed with a certain math rock style certainly stands out.

And finally, Grace Barbe. A living legend in the Perth music scene, Grace is a force to be reckoned with. Sprinkling afro-creole rhythms into the simmering Pine broth, Grace and her incredibly talented band will transport the Somerville Auditorium to distant oceans and crystal clear waters.

That means the (almost) complete line up, in alphabetical order, looks like this: Carla Geneve, Cold Meat, Didion’s Bible, Downsyde, Flanders, Gazey, Gemma Farrell Quintet, Grace Barbe, Hexx, Jack Davies & The Bush Chooks, Last Tuneless, The Little Lord Street Band, Mt Mountain, Natasha Eldridge, Noah Dillon, Pat Chow, Salary, Yomi Ship and Zerodent. Phew what a line up!


In the Pines plays Somerville Auditorium on Sunday, April 14. Presale tickets $35 RTRFM subscribers, $40 general public from rtrfm.com.au.

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