Viola Willy returns with new metal-musical Viola Vaccine

For two years the Viola Virus has raged, causing any musician who catches it to play out-of-tune Viola Metal. The Conductor locked down the orchestra to stop the shred but the arrival of the Viola Vaccine means things can finally get back to normal … or can they? The sequel to 2021’s Viola Virus, Viola Vaccine is a comedy in which one man plays six crazy characters and sings nine original major-key metal songs all while playing the viola, hitting Four5Nine Bar at Rosemount Hotel from Thursday, February 9 to Sunday, February 12 (get more info and tickets here). MICHAEL HOLLICK caught up with Viola Willy to find out how he plans to restore the order of shred.

Is it true that you, the super hero Viola Willy, have found a cure for the virus?

It was actually The Conductor who developed the Viola Vaccine, which is intended to stop the shred of Viola Virus. Viola Virus makes people play out-of-tune viola and has been raging for three years now in a musical pandemic. The orchestra has been locked down all that time. As for myself, Viola Willy, I just want to get back to normal and play a show.

Would you say that this cure, heavy-metal viola playing, is a super power of yours then?

My Viola Metal skills are without equal since I was the first to contract the Viola Virus and therefore play the most wildly out of tune. But also because nobody else has even heard of, let alone plays, Viola Metal.

How confident are you in your ability to roll out your vaccine and restore the order of shred across the universe?

In this show I meet a Metal Guru from Uttar Pradesh who tells me music is the strongest force in the universe, so I hope Viola Metal will save the day again.

If the cure works, why isn’t everyone doing this cure? What evil forces are stopping you?

The Fiddler Mob are a group of violent violists who enforce rigid conformity to The Theory. They will ensure everyone takes the Viola Vaccine…or else.

Is the vaccine best taken with a spoonful of Meshuggah?

It certainly helps the medicine go down, just ask my “girlfriend” Julie Transdrews. But don’t break your neck moshing to Meshuggah’s strange time-signatures.

I have heard people say the cure is worse than the sickness? Is it possible that these people might just be ‘metal-hesitant’?

It is possible that there will be some sound effects following the Viola Vaccine. That might put musicians off but The Conductor has assured me that our musical autonomy will be respected.

Are there other sicknesses that people are down with would metal vaccines also cure?

I am Disturbed by this question. Nevertheless Oboesity could benefit from it, but it can also be cured by a lifestyle change to clarinet. Obassity is a deeper form of this. Cello-ulite is more of a cosmetic issue.