Review: South Summit’s ‘Creatures’

South Summit


South Summit have been emerging rapidly from the local music scene, with triple j touting them as 2022’s “ones to watch.” After their previous single Tired of Waiting went on full rotation, the Perth band are now showcasing their journey to date with the EP Creatures.

The EP already contains previously-released singles such as Promise Me, Tired of Waiting, and Runaway, but reveals more about the band than those tracks could by themselves. It opens with some new songs that take you right into front man Isaiah Rueben’s world, as he wrestles with personal obstacles and change. The structure, beginning with Yaama (hello) and ending with Yaluu (goodbye), highlights the culture of First Nations people that is shown throughout this release. With First Nations members in the line-up, including aspects from their culture is significant and important.

The songs on Creatures all demonstrate different story lines that show important aspects of life and change. Songs like Tired of Waiting and Promise Me talk about love, while Changes talks about the anxieties of life’s journey. The whole EP encapsulates the challenges and lessons that come with change and growing all within the smooth, great sound that South Summit have made their own.

This unique EP displays a depth in both its themes and its musical influences, making it a great showcase for the exciting new sounds coming out of WA.