Review: Matt Hale’s ‘Top Fun’ at State Theatre Centre of WA

Matt Hale: Top Fun 80s Extravaganza at Studio Underground @ State Theatre Centre of WA
Friday, January 27, 2023


Matt Hale is a comedic hypnotist and multiple award-winning Fringe World darling and watching Top Fun it’s absolutely clear to see why. Top Fun was a thrilling ride of comedy brilliance and was the ultimate show for audience participation.

Hale took twenty random volunteers from the audience and with his ever-so-smooth and clearly experienced voice, lulled them into a state of hypnosis. What happened next was a whole lot of spectacular silliness. People in the audience were laughing until they cried, with actual tears streaming down multiple faces in the crowd.

Hale had a great time with his volunteers and the show was delivered in such good taste. Everyone that was hypnotised knew it was all pure fun and they were never set up to be embarrassed.

Family-friendly with a kick-ass soundtrack that they generously shared the link for after the show, Hale has such a dazzling energy and was flawless in his delivery. Top Fun is an absolute feel-good, can’t help but smile, must-see show.