Review: Consentium’s ‘Echoes from the Shred Factory’

Echoes from the Shred Factory


Hailing from Perth, Consentium are a neo-classical progressive metal band that are rapidly winning new fans with their spellbinding instrumental compositions. With decades of combined experience in the industry and a history of jamming together since 2020, Consentium have now unveiled their highly anticipated debut EP Echoes from the Shred Factory.

Recorded and mixed in-house by guitarist Aden Griffiths and mastered by Ron Pollard at Studio Sleepwalker’s Dread, Echoes from the Shred Factory brings forth a blend of technical prowess and captivating melodies. The EP artwork was created by Bec Maisey and drummer Brady Thackrah, showcasing a cohesive visual and thematic representation that complements Consentium’s progressive sound.

The EP title, Echoes from the Shred Factory, is a tribute to guitarist Aden Griffith’s previous project and its impact on shaping Consentium’s distinctive sound. Through live performances of some old Shred Factory tracks, Consentium not only honed their skills with complex pieces but also established the foundation for their co-written songs. As a result, the EP stands as a meaningful homage to the band’s origins and marks the inception of Consentium’s musical journey.

The opening track, Kevin, sets the tone for the EP with a clean intro that gradually evolves into an entrancing display of prog-licious brilliance. This track is for fans of Porcupine Tree, featuring skilfully offbeat and distorted sections, punctuated by dynamic guitar solos and powerful rhythms.

In the second track, NSS, the listener is immersed in a more psychedelic realm with the intro featuring clean channel effects. Drummer Brady Thackrah’s skilful flurry of snare and toms signals a shift in direction, leading to a heavy riff that boasts groove and intensity. Throughout the track, the band exhibits their instrumental precision, indulging the listener with impressive arpeggio sections and intelligent rhythmic variations. Enthralling guitar solos ring out before a clever timing slow down brings the song to its crescendo.

The intro to Symbolise then gifts the listener a lovely change of pace, showcasing Paddy Maisey’s exceptional bass skills. As clean guitars gradually build, the track unfolds into the EP’s most melodic and beautiful composition. A head-banging riff and bursts of kick drum add intensity to the song, which later leads into a more chaotic section featuring relentless percussion and guitar solos. This track serves as a standout moment on the EP, evoking strong emotions with its expertly crafted melodic progression.

Last Will, the final track on the EP, serves a dual role, both as an instrumental piece and then again as the only track to feature vocals. In this nearly seven-minute epic, Consentium demonstrate even more of their mastery, with Aden Griffiths delivering clean and charming vocals incorporating poetic despair with lyrics such as “Breathe deeply as you fall completely, you cry over nothing as you sign over everything.” The transition to throaty vocals follows, emphasising the powerful message, “Time waits for no one, leave me wanting, keep me waiting.” The addition of vocals in Last Will is a delightful treat for the listener, making it equally special alongside the instrumental tracks preceding it.

Overall, Echoes from the Shred Factory presents an unforgettable prog journey that will resonate with fans of technical metal and instrumental music alike. Consentium’s debut effort is an exhibition of their collective talent and the ability to craft dynamic compositions, from intricate guitar work to powerful rhythm sections. The EP features moments of melodic brilliance amidst progressive intensity. With this strong debut release, Consentium establish themselves as a band to watch in the Western Australian music scene and the world of neo-classical progressive metal.

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