LITTLEBITTS: THE TRAP REMIX Brightly coloured chaos

are a unique female comedy duo comprised of Lucy Czerwinski and Katie Pierce who delight in exploring the more surreal and absurd end of comedy to create lively and unpredictable performances. Self-labelled as Brisbane’s “worst comedy duo,” the uproarious pair hit Perth to perform their show LittleBitts: The Trap Remix over a six-night run from Tuesday, February 9 to Sunday, February 14 at the The Art Room at Girls School
(get more info and tickets here). MICHAEL HOLLICK giggled through a Q&A with Lucy and Katie to find out more about these two Brisbane-ites and their unique brand of comedy.

How would you describe your show?

LittleBitts: The Trap Remix is a sketch comedy bonanza where two best friends try and throw a bonkers party. What could possibly go wrong? Heaps.

Who do you think will get a buzz out of LittleBitts?

LittleBitts is for anyone who likes absurd, surreal sketches with loads of silly wordplay and puns sprinkled in. If you’re a fan of The Katering Show, Aunty Donna, The Mighty Boosh, Broad City or Peep Show, you’ll love LittleBitts.

How long have you been preparing for Fringe 2021?

We have been wanting to make our way to Perth since we first started performing at Fringe festivals back in 2017 but we’ve always had some kind of clash! During the lockdown in 2020, we decided that we would start 2021 off with a bang by coming over to do Fringe World. Neither of us Brisban-ites had ever been to Perth so we’re ecstatic to be able to experience Fringe World for the first time.

What one thing are you most looking forward to sharing with audiences?

We are so excited to perform in Perth for the first time and we’re so keen to bring our brightly coloured chaos to Fringe. We are most excited to dance with audiences! We do a Just Dance sketch which sends up the Nintendo Wii game and it never fails to get everyone up on their feet!

What do you think differentiates your show from the other Fringe 2021 shows?

The show is a relatively traditional sketch comedy show with ridiculous props, costumes, dancing, and plenty of belly laughs. It is perhaps the most chaotic comedy show you will ever see. It’s unlike anything you will see at Fringe because it’s easily the silliest comedy show doing the rounds at the moment. It’s utterly ridiculous.

And finally, what fruit is your show most like? And why?

We’re that plastic box of grapes you get from the supermarket which have the green, red, purple grapes all in one. It is a real mixed bag! A surprise at every turn. If that surprise is grapes. And grapes in this analogy are sketches. Funny, seedless, sketches.

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