BIRDZ LEGACY part 2 gets 7/10

LEGACY part 2 ft. Missy Higgins
Bad Apple Music


Northern Territory rapper Birdz has just released his latest single LEGACY part 2 ft. Missy Higgins, a song from his upcoming album LEGACY that’s due on Friday, November 5. This is his third single this year, following They Don’t Know ft. Thom Crawford and Fly ft. Ngaiire.

LEGACY part 2 is unique compared to the other songs under Birdz’ belt. The rhythm is more streamlined, maintaining a mellow groove while tender drums, piano and occasional electronic touches guide listeners on a slow and steady ride. 

Birdz’ vocals and lyrics lean more towards folk on this track, with a lighter emotionally driven method similarly seen before in They Don’t Know ft. Thom Crawford. This pairs well with the chorus sung by Missy Higgins, who is known for her own melodic and emotional style and it shows.

While the shift in style on this track is distinct, it also fits the message Birdz wants to present. Birdz is known for advocating for Aboriginal culture and awareness in his music, with On The Run being his most memorable example. LEGACY part 2 is more personal, directly passing on his family’s history and cultural legacy, given to him by his father, to his own son. It’s a deep and touching lesson that works well with his gentler new style.

Overall, Birdz’ newest single LEGACY part 2 is a major turning point for both himself and his music. The fresh approach melds well with Missy Higgins’ voice and the deeply personal, yet still very relatable, message about passing on a legacy. It’s unknown whether Birdz will continue making more music in this different style, but it will be interesting to find out when his album drops next month.


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