BEDDY RAYS Beddy Rays gets 8/10

Beddy Rays

Beddy Rays


After a regular drop of golden nuggets in the way of singles over the last two years (six in fact), Reddy (Redland) Bay surf-punk quartet Beddy Rays have dropped their debut LP, the aptly named Beddy Rays. Creatively simple and simply creative. Why? Their justification – “because this album IS Beddy Rays through-and-through.”

They’re all about “mateship, Reddy Bay, good times, beers and the importance of looking after yourself and checking in with your mates.” In what they’ve described as “a nice mixed bag of lollies!,” Beddy Rays encapsulates that entirely. Simply put, it’s a soundtrack to hanging out with mates and just having a good time.

Composed of vocalist and guitarist (and Woppaburra descendent) Jackson ‘Jacko’ Van Issum, lead guitarist Lewis ‘Lewi’ McKenna, bassist Brad O’Connor and drummer Benny Wade, Beddy Rays’ fun-loving surf punk sound has similarities with the likes of British India, Hockey Dad, Skeggs and early Wavves, to name a few.

Opening with the chaotic, yet chilled and breezy feel-good, Wait a While sets the relative tone for what’s to come. Week on Repeat heads into more of a garage rock direction with hooky riffs and catchy vocals before dialling it up a little in FOTU with equally delicious riffs thrown in. Backing vocals “friends always keep me afloat” pay homage to the ingrained messages of mateship.

Chaotic and punchy On My Own lays the foundation for the catchy thrasher Sort It Out which immediately sucks you in and makes you want to mosh on the spot. Handful makes for a breezy indie track with relaxed vocals and instrumentals that gradually build as things progress. Making for a more melodic singalong, it transitions nicely into the toned down acoustic Brin’s Song; a raw emotive dedication to Van Issum’s late sister Brinley, who passed away last year. At first it seems a little out of place, but it actually fits perfectly, and reflects the band’s breadth of sound and style.

Anthemic (and triple j Hottest 100 #54) Sobercoaster is a summer defining track that has all the trademarks to be a killer live favourite. Upbeat hooky riffs and catchy vocals form an undeniable feel-good inducing earworm. Hidden gem Milk maintains the chaos with fast guitars and intense drums, which follows though into Ashtray, Feels Nice and Coffee Stops. Easing towards the end, Easy Man tones down a little before ending with solid closer Good With Bad, both of which contain a tidy guitar solo.

Beddy Rays is an essence of summer vibes, so while a winter drop may not fit entirely, it will no doubt form part of any summery playlist. From the ruckus inducing thrasher Sort It Out to the toned-down acoustic Brin’s Song, Beddy Rays is an unrestrained and unpretentious rollercoaster of undeniably infectious tunes. Loaded with loose surf-punk melodies, crunchy riffs and infectious vocals, it will inevitably induce and maintain good times in any situation. All you need to do is embrace it.

To top it off, as part of their debut album tour, Beddy Rays are hitting Freo.Social on Friday, August 26. It’s shaping up as an unmissable gig, so be sure to get down there. Tinnies will be sunk, shakkas will be thrown and overall, good times shall be had.