WHIP ME LICK ME BEAT ME EAT ME @ Irish Club gets 7/10

Whip Me Lick Me Beat Me Eat Me
@ Irish Club
Sunday, February 9, 2020


Established writer and director Sally Newman was back at Perth Fringe with delightfully dirty cabaret Whip Me Lick Me Beat Me Eat Me, after a few very successful years of shows under her belt. The Irish Club of WA Theatre provided a comfortable and beautiful space for a cabaret, with a little extra room than the average Fringe venue.

While Newman’s previous cabaret centred around the life of a French cabaret performer, Madame Lush, this year’s show was all about Kitty M, a versatile character who embodied all parts of the show’s title, and Cafe 69, the best late-night dining experience in town. Each performer represented a dessert on the cafe’s menu, with some even donning sexy food-inspired costumes.

The show began with Kitty M introducing all the items on her menu, each performer coming out and performing a little move to go along with their introduction. Em Rose was an endearing and comical leading lady, whose cuteness mixed with the dirty content of her dialogue provided many laughs.

There were a number of quippy musical numbers in the show, led by a brilliant band (with Cecy Brandolini doubling as musician and vocalist). Shevonne Scudamore and Natasha Davidson led the vocals with gusto, Scudamore using a sultry Marilyn Monroe-esque sound and Davidson a strong and gravely jazz. Both were very impressive.

Audience participation was a huge part of this show, and each scene left volunteers genuinely crying with laughter. In a scene that threatened to steal the show, an audience member came up and was blindfolded after being asked if he liked gluten. He was then given a hotdog bun with a phallic toy in the middle. When the blindfold was removed hilarity ensued and everyone erupted into laughter.

The actors managed to be extremely respectful in all audience participation, ensuring to check the volunteers’ boundaries and gauging their comfort levels throughout. Each performer held their own in every scene – all strong links in the chain. The group’s chemistry was funny, sexy, goofy and genuine.

Standout performances of the night came from Deborah Stephens as the delightfully bogan Corona Cupcakes, and Sojourn Belle, a guest burlesque performer who had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand.

Newman consistently finds a way to write scripts that simultaneously make you blush and make you smile, with Whip Me… being no exception. She is a writer and director to watch. This was a fun and naughty night out, and these desserts are recommended paired with a glass of red.


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