THE GLOAMING gets 8.5/10 Gloomy crime drama

Created by Victoria Madden

Starring Emma Booth, Ewen Leslie, Aaron Pedersen
Network: Stan


The Gloaming is one of Stan’s newest dramas made exclusively for the streaming service. Stan has made a lot of exclusive Australian made programs that are starting to take off in popularity, especially in the field of crime dramas. The Gloaming is in a field of its own, taking elements of horror and the supernatural and blending them into a beautiful setting with a sinister tone, all the while having a murder mystery being the main driving force of the story.

Based and shot in Tasmania, the cinematography is used to great effect in capturing the beautiful yet also sinister environment the state has to offer. It is the perfect setting to have chosen as the gloomy weather really adds to the story and the whole feel of the series as it deals with elements of the supernatural. Some series struggle to incorporate supernatural elements into an ongoing murder mystery, but this series thrives with this element having context as it is part of the narrative.

The acting is for the large part very good and fantastic to watch with many of the actors putting in stellar performances. The stand out is Ewen Leslie, playing a detective who is haunted by a traumatic event. His emotional range and his ability to really convey the anxiety and trauma this character is experiencing is truly captivating.

Aaron Pedersen gives us a different, more grounded performance than the one we are used to from Mystery Road. While in Mystery Road he is a man of few words, Pedersen really gets to play around with a man who is conflicted with the past, catching up with what he has done and how it affects the case today.

Finally, we have Emma Booth who always gives tremendous performances, however this time her portrayal is believable from an emotional perspective. Harder to believe is her as a police officer. She doesn’t have the persona or appearance we’re used to from a detective trying to solve a murder, which is slightly jarring.

The Gloaming thrives in its ability to mould the elements of a mystery and the supernatural perfectly. Enjoyable performances and great cinematography make this a show worth watching. Nordic noir with an Australian twist to it makes it essential viewing for lovers of a good mystery.


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