SheppardFresh off a European tour and with Geronimo making the Top 10 in Ireland, Spain and India (and, of course, here – quadruple platinum), Sheppard are triumphantly ringing in a national tour. Playing their debut (and gold) record Bombs Away, the indie-pop six piece should be an incredible live band – you can expect lush choral harmonies, cheery guitars that’d put Jason Mraz to shame, and the kind of hand-clapping hooks you’ll find in Let Me Down Easy and Hold My Tongue. Sheppard play the Astor on Thursday, October 18, and if you’d like to win a double pass, drop us a line at win@xpressmag.com.au.

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  1. Damian.John.Smith says:

    I absolutely ❤ Sheppard and all there songs are Awesome @ they just make me feel happy inside & out . The make me want to jump around and dance and clap my hands.
    I have not been to a concert for ages & I have not won anything for years.
    I have every single edition of the Xpress paper since it started. That’s a total of 1442 Xpress (magazine) paper. I have the covers all glued to my walls around my lounge & games room. I’m a dedicated Music & Xpress fan .
    I would. ❤ to take my girlfriend to see sheppard at Astor .
    Keep up the great work at Xpress . ❤ u all at Xpress.

    From Damian . John. Smith .
    Ph – 0419956029
    email- smith.damianjohn75@gmail.com

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