SASH SEABOURNE Single Premiere: Jackknife

South West singer-songwriter Sash Seabourne has today released his new single, Jackknife, and is celebrating the launch with a show at Four5Nine this Saturday, March 12. He will be joined by special guests Stapleton, Lo and Maia Harcourt.

The release is another step forward for the emerging roots artist, whose debut single Constant garnered him a sold out launch at Mojos Bar and airplay on triple j last year. This was followed by piano ballad Hourglass, landing him the artist spotlight on triple j’s Unearthed and an extensive summer regional tour across the state. Playing in solo and five-piece band format, Sash Seabourne has supported Riley Pearce, Great Gable, Michael Dunstan, Kav Temperley and Paige Valentine.

“This track was written in mid-2021 and recorded late last year, it’s so good to finally have it out,” said Sash Seabourne. “I love this song’s mood, for me it sounds like a late-night drive and the feeling of desire towards a past lover.”

With a writing style that echoes Ryan Adams, and inspiration drawn from Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks, Seabourne is gaining recognition for his rough-hewn vocals, intricate acoustic compositions and bare-faced lyricism.

Seabourne said he took a lot of influence from the album Prisoner by Ryan Adams in writing and recording the new track. “It features synth parts and chorus-laden guitars that have a more shoegaze vibe. I picked the arrangement to pay homage to one of my favourite songwriters,” he said.

The release also draws from the stirring heartache of Ryan Adams’ 2017 fan favourite. “This song came about after I found myself in a short but intense romantic relationship last year,” he said. “Upon meeting this person I felt immediately infatuated with them and there was a burning physical attraction, but upon getting to know them better in the coming weeks they revealed themselves to be a very chaotic and unstable person who mirrored many of the toxic behaviours I had experienced in past relationships that had ended badly.”

“After a few weeks of dating, I made the decision to break things off with this person, but it was one of the most difficult dilemmas of my adult life, as I had to find all my desire and temptation with my better judgement and yearning for a stable and positive romantic relationship in my life.”

“The title “Jackknife” came from the road term meaning to reverse an articulated vehicle and have the trailer fold back on itself, preventing it from reversing any further. I felt my situation was the same thing, as I tried to step back from this relationship and my logical mind collided with my desire. I tried to back out but I’m already caught up.”

“It’s a coming of age experience to look down the barrel of a chaotic relationship and decide against it due to your better judgement from your life experience. I think it’s an experience so many of us have in our twenties. This song is the story of the first time this happened to me.”

Sash Seabourne’s new single Jackknife is out now. Sash Seabourne hits Four5Nine this Saturday, March 12. For more info and to buy tickets head to rosemounthotel.oztix.com.au

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