RACOO How Did We Get Here gets 7.5/10

How Did We Get Here


Fremantle’s talented folk troubadour Racoo (Rachel Hocking) has released a haunting and introspective single titled How Did We Get Here.  

The short track features the touching guitar work of Grievous Bodily Calm’s Edo Ekic, Sean Gorman from Salary plays a heartbreaking electric piano and Maggie Edwards offers sparse but tender backing vocals.  

How Did We Get Here is a sad song. It leaves the soul feeling empty and numb – unsure of how the actions in our lives have led us astray. 

Maybe it’s about the swirling madness of the world at this point in time. Maybe it’s about something closer to home – a bored and tired out relationship, or a realisation that you should be more in control of the outcomes in your life. All of this is communicated by the zombie-like movement through a bus commute, a bottle shop visit, and the simple glance of the clock. 

Either way, Racoo’s reflection is a starting point, or an awakening, that things aren’t okay. But once you become aware, you can finally take the first small step of changing the world around you.


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