It’s time to put on your red shoes and dance, as Perth Symphony Orchestra presents STARDUST: The Music of David Bowie on Friday, May 15 at The Astor Theatre.

And they’re letting you choose the songs!

VOTING OPENS TODAY in honour of the 30thanniversary of Bowie’s 1990 Sound+Vision tour, in which audiences around the world voted for songs by calling a hotline. Now, Perth Symphony is opening up song selection to the public.

Simply head to:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PSOBowieVOTE to choose your three favourite songs.

Voting is open from today, Friday, February 14 until Saturday, March 28, with more details available from Perth Symphony’s Facebook page. And just as the proceeds from Bowie’s Sound+Vision requests went to charity, fans will be able to donate at the time of ticket purchase and voting, with part proceeds going to the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Innovative, as wildly acclaimed as he was popular, and quite simply one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, witness the moods, colour and androgyny that continues to impact popular culture even now.

What will you vote for? Heroes, Changes, Ziggy Stardust, Space Oddity, Rebel Rebel, Young Americans, The Jean Genie, Suffragette City, Life on Mars?, Ashes to Ashes, Under Pressure… and so many more…  What’s your stardust?

The Man Who Sold the World has been as remarkable in death as he was in life. Who doesn’t recall how his passing lit up our social media feeds like nothing else before or since? Once and for all it proved the Starman’s music was, is and will remain a living, breathing thing unto itself: open to the sort of radical reinterpretation Perth Symphony has become renowned for in recent years with timeless artists such as Nirvana and The Doors.

Indeed, STARDUST: The Music of David Bowie offers the sort of innovation the Thin White Duke himself would be proud of. It won’t surprise anyone to hear just how amazing Bowie’s songs sound with an orchestra behind them. After all, Bowie always aimed for widescreen and celestial, and this production delivers just that. Sound, and Vision.

A vastly talented multi-instrumentalist in his own right, playing everything from guitar, keys, harmonica, thumb piano, drums and various percussion instruments, to alto and baritone saxophones, stylophone, viola, cello, koto and more, Perth Symphany Orchestra will expand to include many of these wild instruments on the night.

Perth Symphony Orchestra presents STARDUST: The Music of David Bowie on Friday, May 15 at The Astor Theatre. Tickets on sale Friday, January 31 from perthsympony.com.

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