MINI MANSIONS GummyBear gets 9/10

Mini Mansions



Mini Mansions (ahead of their tour with Arctic Monkeys starting next Saturday at RAC Arena) have released a new single – just in time for Valentine’s Day! And boy is it one hell of a track.

GummyBear was released on Tuesday this week after a few teasers on Instagram and Facebook. It starts off with a strong, determined beat before turning deceptively sweet. At first listen, it sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day song – something that you would dedicate to your lover. Once you start picking up the lyrics however, you realise it’s actually the perfect anti-Valentine song.

Fans will know that Mikey Shoes (Michael Shuman) recently had his heart broken. Their EP Works Every Time, is the first time they have really written such personal songs and fans all over the world felt Mikey’s pain, especially on Midnight In Tokyo.

GummyBear is a natural procession from that heartbreak and, despite lyrics like “love’s no walk in the park girl, so uh; why’d you bring a leash?”, it actually leaves you feeling so positive and tells the story of coming through that pain and out through the other side where one realises that the love they once felt for the other person, probably wasn’t as healthy and good as they believed at the time.

Once again, Mini Mansions have managed to successfully pull the puppet strings of our hearts while leaving us pining for more. So turn up GummyBear, dance like no one is watching, sing it as loudly as you can and wait impatiently for their new album, Guy Walks Into A Bar, which will be released on July 26.


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