MATT CORBY @ Kings Park gets 8/10

Matt Corby
@ Kings Park & Botanic Garden
w/ The Teskey Brothers, Eliott
April 28, 2019


Following an opener from Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Eliott, Blues band The Teskey Brothers were a well-suited opening act who immediately charmed the crowd. Smooth, husky, soulful vocals from frontman Josh Tesky provided what sounded like the perfect moody soundtrack for drinking whiskey next to a fireplace. Along with impressive guitar riffs, it was the perfect recipe to warm everyone up on a chilly Autumn night in Kings Park.

Barefooted Matt Corby ignited the show, welcoming the audience with the psychedelic funk opener Light My Dart Up. The following few tracks carried the same sound of 70s afflicted soul funk from last year’s sophomore album Rainbow Valley. The stage was heavily occupied with seven other musicians, not to overshadow Corby who played the drums, guitar, synth and flute, reminding us that every sound on Rainbow Valley was created by him alone.

Corby’s voice was perfection. Seemingly impossible technicality was pulled off with such ease it managed to feel modest. His light reminiscent of James Blake, his shade throwing Nick Cave deep tones, edged towards a new maturity for Corby, perhaps brought into fruition by his recent fatherhood. Keeping within the funk overtones he broke into a very true to the original rendition of Everybody Loves the Sunshine by Roy Ayers pulled straight from 1976 and completely unaltered it had the entire crowd dancing.

Then he unexpectedly launched into a gospel-inspired version of his hit Monday. It took everyone to church with its neo-soul buttery goodness and Corby’s angelic face, eyes closed and bathed in golden light. Every audience member was silent, basking in his glow and breathing in the soul. It was a surprise highlight of the show. The unmissable beginning to his hit song Brother was almost drowned out by whooping and whistling and did not disappoint. Everyone was loved up singing word for word to the slow ballad of Resolution which somehow managed to sound even better live.

The clear and simplified vocals with the upbeat psychedelic feel of Rainbow Valley work for him. It is however in the older work with the stripped back sombre crooning, articulating those tender vocals sitting in the Telluric pocket, that the magic lies. The show ended on a high, energising his adoring fans with his latest hit Miracle Love. Everyone was encouraged to chant the chorus back to Corby: “Bring back that miracle love,” and there was no doubt the air was filled with exactly that.


Photos by Ella Wylynko

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