MANHIGH Sorry Doll gets 8/10

Sorry Doll


Every now and then, Facebook and the internet proves itself worthwhile as a source to discover new music. In this instance, the band is called Manhigh from Albuquerque, New Mexico. When someone posts a link to their own music in a fan group, there is always that fear. A fear that the music is going to be shit; that you are going to have to pretend to like it or leave the group because you just can’t bear to hurt someone after they have bared their souls.

With Manhigh, this was definitely not the case. Their music is powerful, raw and dripping with emotion. Their latest single Sorry Doll is no exception. It feels rough around the edges and unpolished in some spots but this is not a bad thing. It just all adds to the whole feel of the song and creates depth that may not have otherwise been there and leads you on a sad but beautifully satisfying emotional roller-coaster ride.

If you are into your desert/hard rock, Manhigh is definitely a band to look into. Sorry Doll was recorded at Rancho de la Luna with the incomparable Dave Catching. They have the QOTSA and Kyuss vibes throughout whilst staying original and true to themselves and have created a beautiful piece that deserves to be heard around the world.


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