LIMINAL DRIFTER X-Clusive video premiere: Choir on Mars

Liminal Drifter today unveils the video for Choir on Mars, the first single released ahead of new album Connected, out Friday, May 29. Check out our X-Clusive premiere below.

Liminal Drifter is the project of local electronic producer Dr Simon Order, who has been creating music under the moniker since 2013, after he moved to Australia from the UK in 2005 assuming a position as an academic and expert in music technology and production at Murdoch University.

The original single for Choir on Mars was already catching people’s attention across the world, hitting the NACC (North American and Canadian college charts) US electronic chart in the first week of the release at #2, right alongside Thievery Corporation and Bicep. Huge for a WA act!

The video released today is nothing short of a mind-melting visual feast. The creative force behind it is dQ video’s, Dennis Collins, who said the idea came from brainstorming sessions. “I gravitated towards the ideas of how people imprint on each other, in-between spaces and repetitive movement. I also wanted the music to direct the visual elements. I’m fascinated by in-between moments. Moments like the time before the sun comes up, waiting for the train or just before you make a choice which changes the direction of your life.

“To help create that otherworldly feel, I manipulated images by layering and playing with time effects, often ping-ponging the results. Hence, the imagery moved backwards and forwards to the music. As the song progressed, I pushed this further and further.”

Order said he chose the song to get the video clip treatment because it spoke to him as representative of the album content. “I guess I’m a sci-fi nerd and I’ve always thought I was born too early in the future history of our space exploration efforts. I want to go where no man has gone before.

“However, I’ve just become a father, so my son, Charlie, may get to experience space travel adventures. I hope he does. The album is all about the early days of fatherhood. Choir on Mars is wondering about whether Charlie will ever get the chance to go to Mars in his lifetime and what he will find there.”

Liminal Drifter’s album Connected is out Friday, May 29. Check out the exclusive X-Press premiere of the video clip for Choir on Mars below.


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