Jamie-T-Carry-On-The-Grudge-coverJAMIE T
Carry On The Grudge


Carry On The Grudge is the title of the new album by Mr. Jamie T and it really is all about that. It’s brooding and bitter and about all them feels since his last album five years ago.

It seems as though the mouthy street rat has matured and then gone ahead and painted that growth into in his music. Zombie sees T discuss the monotonous nature his life seems to lead, having too much time and day-in-day-out following the rest instead of searching for a meaning. For long-time fans, it’s a change in pace that may not resonate that well, as the first half is an album you could probably put on to fall asleep to.

Trouble and Rabbit Hole pick up with his old upbeat cheekiness that makes you want to get down and boogie to, but then Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away comes in and is a real turn away from his English hood cred what with acoustic guitar and strings melodies. It’s strange, but also pretty and works well with the lyrics.


4 stars


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