DEVILDRIVER @ Capitol gets 8/10

DevilDriver @ Capitol
w/ All That Remains, Lycanthrope
Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Thank fuck for the last-minute venue change from Amplifier to Capitol, because metalheads spanning several generations came out in droves to get their hump day headbang on for groove metal legends DevilDriver, supported well by All That Remains and Aussie band Lycanthrope.

Getting to open the evening’s proceedings to a packed out room, Lycanthrope made the most of their first Perth performance. The lads from Newcastle started off at 100 km/h and took the crowd right with them. This six-piece metal and metalcore band were thrilled with the opportunity to open for DevilDriver, saying what an honour it has been to play on the same stage as them, and with their fast, groovy, heavy beats and lead vocalist Daniel Greig’s MASSIVE voice, they were the perfect starter for the metal veterans.

They interacted with the crowd beautifully, managing to push an already keen crowd into frenetic energy. They even imparted some sage advice about life at times as Greig uttered these wise words; “the only one that can fix yourself, is yourself” before blasting into yet another banger. The highlight track would definitely be Wasteland, and they seem to have a pretty big following here in Perth as plenty of people sang along. Hopefully these guys don’t wait too long before rewarding their growing WA following with another appearance in the west.

All That Remains

All That Remains took over the reins from Lycanthrope in style, not letting the Aussies outdo them on the intro front as they opened with Calling and everyone lost their minds. Phil Labonte’s vocals are just ridiculous, his ability to get super high with his screams straight off the bat, then somehow holding it and dragging it out was not at all lost from recording to live.

It was great to see another six-piece with every member nailing their job. Aaron Patrick brought that attitude that every good bass player should have, and his back up vocals were totally on point. Jason Richardson just stood there and absolutely shredded, making for an impressive spectacle to watch. Midway through the set, Labonte got the crowd to get their middle fingers in the air before launching into Fuck Love, a highlight track. Towards the end Labonte very unnecessarily asked the crowd permission to play some older stuff, and to say they loved it was an understatement.


Proving that great metal just doesn’t age, DevilDriver put on a spectacular performance making any older metalheads in the crowd forget they probably have a job to go to in the morning, and all sorts of other responsibilities to attend to. The great thing about a band with this much history is the sheer options for a setlist, knowing that whatever they choose, most people will be able to scream along to it.

Pretty much the entire setlist felt like a treat, with Grinfucked and I Could Care Less being early highlights. Dez Fafara’s vocals are still as powerful as ever, and despite the rest of the band not being original members, it just doesn’t matter when they nail that groovy DevilDriver vibe so perfectly. Towards the end of the set the crowd absolutely lost their minds as a couple of Coal Chamber songs, Loco and Fiend, snuck in there, before a solid finish with Clouds Over California and End of the Line – a track they have opened with in the past but which felt fitting as a closer.

Nights like these feel important, proving that heavy music is alive and well, and the headaches and sore bodies today are no doubt worth it.


Photos by Stu Mckay


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