CHARLY BLISS Young Enough gets 7/10

Charly Bliss
Young Enough


Charly Bliss is a four-piece band from Brooklyn with a knack for fast-paced, guitar-driven tunes. After a few EPs, the band released their debut album Guppy in 2017. Having shelved the first recordings because they didn’t feel the record showcased their ‘sound’, they re-recorded Guppy with a focus on highlighting their pop leanings. The sophomore album Young Enough finds the quartet looking to take a step forward sonically with the results being a mixed bag.

Having Joe Chiccarelli (U2, The Shins) in the producer’s chair ensured that Young Enough would have a sheen that wasn’t evident on the band’s debut. From the opening stanza of Blown to Bits, it is clear that there has been a significant change in approach with a prominent synth competing with Eva Hendricks processed vocals for a large portion of the tune, with the band’s buzzsaw guitars not rearing their head until around the two-minute mark. With Charly Bliss being open about their fondness of Lorde and The Cars, there should be no surprise that the guitars lose some of their raw menace.

Having a sibling in the band has led to Sam Hendricks being able to put his foot down and request a bigger drum sound that the band have been afforded previously. He is firmly in the mix on tunes like Capacity that has a greater level of light and shade than expected. Guitar solos are more toned and measured with the focus being on the big choruses that the quartet is known for. Fighting In The Dark only clocks in at a minute, yet the subtle tune pushes above its weight class. It is the title track that is the hardest to ignore. It is a slow burn that is expertly layered, with a melody that is as stealthy as it is infectious.

Young Enough is the sound of a band accepting their success head on and looking to ride the wave. There is some gloss that moves them further away from their punk roots, but there is no shortage of angst amongst this collection of sparkling hooks. Young Enough is a different beast to the Charly Bliss that are known and loved, but it has more than enough charms to win people over.


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