BAD WEATHER All I Know gets 7/10

Bad Weather

All I Know


Bad Weather’s latest single, All I Know, is about more than just heartbreak. It speaks of a deeper search for meaning and connection, something especially relevant during a global pandemic where so many of us are feeling lost and alone. Diverging away from what you’d expect of a break-up song, this alt-pop act’s track is strangely optimistic, with lyrics that are both self-reflective and introspective.

Listening is a journey in itself; there is pain on the way to self-acceptance. Despite these depths, the track is smooth and easy to listen to. It starts paired back, with just the plucking of an electric guitar. The key is uplifting and confident, with the speaker hopeful for a reunion, but also sure of their ability to move on and leave this pain behind them. The guitar is then layered with soft electronic beats and a synth that is reminiscent of lo-fi music. This fits with the steady backbone of the song, which shows the constant and unending experience of waiting, and hoping, for a loved one’s return.

While parts of the song do need to be deciphered, the strongest lyrics speak of how a relationship lingers, in part because of how technology allows us to reach out and relive the connection. This is part of a larger universal truth; the challenges faced when coming to terms with a new reality after hardship. The faster tempo at the end of the song hints at the panic that sits under the surface as time passes and they still haven’t called. However, it’s also uplifting, suggesting a shift in mood as this new reality is accepted.

All I Know is a smooth track that is intense just under the surface. During times where there is so much panic and stress on a global scale, this song is an interesting self-reflection. While it feels too short, Bad Weather’s attempt to reconcile their own personal experiences has produced a track that is so much more than a break-up song.

Bad Weather · All I Know