What Content Does a Coffee Shop Need to Promote on Instagram?

In the past few years, places, where you can drink coffee and try some kind of cake, have become popular. People are increasingly spending time in coffee shops, they go there with relatives, friends or with a laptop to work in a relaxed environment. Almost every coffee shop now has social media accounts to attract new visitors from there.

Today we’ll talk about why it’s important to blog a coffee shop on Instagram in 2022 and what content should be published so that you don’t have to buy Instagram followers.

Why does a coffee shop need social media content?

The first goal is to get to know potential guests who:

  • saw a cozy place, but did not dare to go in;
  • clicked on ads in the target;
  • saw the location in the feed, and so on.

These are people who have not yet been here, but probably would like to visit.

The second goal is to maintain contact with loyal guests. As a rule, guests add an account of the place they like in order not to forget about it, quickly find its address or participate in promotions that the establishment holds.

It is important not to forget that coffee houses are a local business where traffic is important. Even in the coolest place with the coolest content, you can’t lure a guest who lives at the opposite end of the city and never visits the places where it is located.

How to choose a social network for work

Instagram is the most popular network for coffee shops. If you are not ready to spend the budget on promoting posts, you can not go to Facebook. Twitter is a bit dated and doesn’t have that much reach, and TikTok is still a dubious platform for many people. It is better to choose one social network and spend time developing it than to duplicate it everywhere at once.

Instagram also often requires investment in promotion, but it may not be as frequent and less expensive. At the first stage of work, you can buy real Instagram followers to get the first audience. Further it will be quite easy to develop without additional investments.

How to get started with content

Start with value: think about why your guests should follow your account.

What new guests need

View your interior, assess whether you have enough seats (all this should be in the photo). Look at the menu, see the prices. Ask a question if there is one. And, of course, see where you are and what time you work.

What regular guests need

A reminder of the atmosphere and spirit of the coffee shop to make them want to come back again. For example, delicious food and drinks in photos activate the feeling of hunger. Getting involved in the life of the coffee shop, posting photos of guests and their reviews will show that their opinion matters. Reminders about promotions and contests will give them the opportunity to get a discount or win something.


When thinking about content for a coffee shop, introduce your real guests and consider what information they will be interested in.

Take good photos of your establishment, food, and staff in a consistent style to use on social media. Do not forget to respond to customer messages and be correct in communication: all this is important for your reputation.


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