Top Casino Movies Since 2001 || A Must Watch Collection

So, you have probably watched the masterpieces like Casino (released in 1991) and Ocean’s Eleven (released in 2001) a few times and are looking for a chance to see them. Fortunately, several gambling film gems from recent times have gone undetected by the general public. Prepare for thrilling vehicle chases, tense shootouts, and thrilling all-in poker sessions, in which the underdogs come out on top against their destiny.

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  • Mississippi Grind (Released in 2015)

Mississippi Grind is a critically acclaimed film that depicts the story of an odd bond between two bettors and their on-the-road gambling exploits. It’s a lighthearted but moving story about fair trials, compulsive gambling, and embracing the present.

As two bettors striving for the huge jackpot, Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn give great performances. On a vacation that transforms their life, they deal with a range of gorgeous personalities. A special note should be made of Sienna Miller’s outstanding performance.

  • Animal World (Released in 2018)

A Mandarin action-fantasy movie featuring Li Yifeng and Michael Douglas, who compete in a poker tournament aboard a giant yacht, is something you don’t see every day. Naturally, there are contour monsters as well.

The film was a blockbuster hit in China and received favorable reviews from all around the globe. It’s a theatrical spectacle, including rich theater sets, organized action scenes, and creature outfits, all costing a lot of money. If you’re looking for something different to enjoy, Animal World will not disappoint.

  • The House (Released in 2017)

Suppose you’ve ever thought about what it’s like to run an underground casino. In that case, you should watch The House. Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell feature as a committed couple who plan to start an unlawful casino to pay for their child’s tuition at a top university in this comic.

When The House was first released, it was well-received by moviegoers. However, the picture failed to recoup its costs and swiftly vanished from public consciousness. Even so, we feel that’s worth seeing if you’re looking for a good laugh on a Friday night.

  • Gold (Released in 2016)

For anime enthusiasts, the final of our selections will be a true pleasure. Gold (2016) is a well-known animated anime that requires no description. With a total of 20 seasons, it is one of the longest-running Japanese anime series. Monkey D. Luffy has amassed almost $800 million in box office receipts so far.

The Straw Hat Sailors plan to visit Gran Tesoro, a ship and entertainment city in Gold and have a little fun betting. Their seemingly innocuous casino victory puts in motion the most spectacular and deadly adventure that will determine the city’s fate.

  • The Card Counter (Released in 2021)

Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, and First Reformed are just a few of the films that Paul Schrader authored scripts for. He comes to the big screen as the director of The Card Counter, an exciting thriller starring Oscar, Tiffany Haddish, and Dafoe.

William Tell is an odd investor who chooses to play it safe when it comes to the Casino.

When William meets La Linda (Tiffany Haddish) and Cirk (Tye Sheridan), a young would-be gambler, he is confident to confront the horrors he thought he had abandoned behind in the army, as the world’s largest poker tournament is set to begin.

The film received positive reviews from reviewers and audiences alike, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 7.6. This intense drama will have you riveted to your couch until the shocking conclusion.

  • 21 (Released in 2008)

Relying on the true story of the MIT Casino Team, which outscored the house for nearly ten years, 21 transforms an intriguing algebra and business story into a kind of stupid heist film starring a slew of young, attractive actors attempting to outsmart Kevin Spacey. Kevin is notably off-kilter here, and the film has been chastised for “whitewashing” in its production, with most of the real-life characters being Asian-American. And it’s a fascinating insight at the physics underlying clever gambling for a brief moment before Spacey is kidnapped and abused in a guestroom.

  • Ocean’s Eleven (Released in 2001)

Individuals that gamble in movies are frequently presented as depressing scary stories. Noone informed Steven Soderbergh, who transformed the sluggish Rat Pack adventure into a jazzy, fast-paced romp. It’s evident from the first shot, as Clooney and Brad Pitt’s super-duper characters face off at the poker table, that this Ocean’s Eleven would emanate the slick, cocky ethos of contemporary Vegas, and that’s all premium adult pleasures and very little actual lousy conduct.

Soderbergh’s cast is immaculately dressed and unfussy, exuding the swagger that professional gamblers aspire to. The cinematographer isn’t concerned about the complexities of betting, and he believes the games’ analogies are as ridiculous as one of the movie’s best scenes demonstrates.

  • Uncut Gems (Released in 2019)

Are you up for a fascinating journey into the field of professional gaming and NYC Mafia crime? Through Uncut Gems, A24 and the Safdie brothers, a well-known directing duo, developed an energetic and unsettling dark comedy. Adam Sandler, the proprietor of a jewelry business, is followed in his rise and fall as an elevated player.

Every moment in this spectacular film will make you twist and turn as Josh delves further into betting and criminality. Uncertainty grows as the risks rise until everything comes to a head with a big bang!

Although gambling will not turn you into a Mafia kingpin, the story may inspire you to win big in your next game.

  • The Gambler (Released in 2014)

On your list should also be the 2014 adaption of a classic regarded as one of the best casino movies of all time! The Gambler, directed by Rupert Wyatt, captures all of the drama of Jim Bennette’s (Mark Wahlberg) life as a struggling literature professor who moonlights as a high-stakes casino player.

Jim is a tormented artist looking for thrills and validation in illegal gaming. Despite being a prodigy inside his position, Jim can’t resist the impulse to risk it all, and he loses it all with one terrible decision at the poker table.

The Gambler is indeed a cautionary tale about avoiding letting arrogance get in the means of establishing massive money at the poker table. Unlike Jim, you can maximize your profits by exercising control and implementing the proper techniques. Give baccarat a shot, and you might win twice as much as you put down whenever the night started!


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