Sports Betting | What You Need To Know About Live Betting

Most bookmakers offer a great variety of sports and bet types to wager on. However, as long as you keep yourself limited only to pre-match options, you miss out on many winning opportunities. Thus, adding live bets to your betting routine can be a game-changer.

The variety of live bets is becoming more diverse these days. By heading to GGBET, you will enjoy an unlimited variety of wagers in real-time and with high odds. Choose anything from esports to basketball, local tournaments to NBA Finals, among other options.

Live betting may seem easy to understand, but there are still many intricacies, such as what market to choose, how much, and when to wager to increase your potential winnings. Thus, it is vital to focus on the main things for in-play bets described below in more detail.

What is Live Betting?

This type of betting is just what the name suggests: you can place a wager or consecutive wagers from the time a match starts and up to its conclusion. Many bookmakers offer good coverage of live sports markets to bet on different events while they are taking place.

Though live and pre-match bets have many in common, they differ in bet types, time limits, odds, and payout speed. Let’s talk about some of them in detail.

Pre-match vs Real-time Betting

Here is a more detailed description of three main differences between in-running and pre-match bets:

Live markets coverage

Usually, all live betting markets are the same as before a match, except that the odds will change in real time. But some additional types of bets are offered in live options. For some sporting events, the number of markets can even exceed 50% live compared to the pre-game markets. For example, in football, we can make a live bet on the next goalscorer, corner, or decide what will happen in the next N minutes, to name but a few.

Live betting odds

Live betting odds are always changing as the event progresses to represent what happens during the game. Actually, it’s a two-way relationship since you have pretty much the same possibilities of taking higher or lower odds in real time. For example, an underdog offered at 2.15 odds before the start of the match could be found at 1.6 at halftime or vice versa.

Limited on time

Live bets will be available until a certain point in the game. Therefore, do not wait until the last minute to place a bet. In addition, keep in mind that it may take some time for your bet to be confirmed.

In-play Betting: Pluses and Minuses

To understand whether live betting suits your needs, look at the pros and cons of this type of betting.


  • Live streaming and statistics. Watching a match live stream gives you the most relevant information in real time.
  • Quicker payouts. The profits are obtained immediately when your predictions are correct. So, you can stake your previous winnings and place consecutive wagers straight away.
  • The “Cash Out” feature. If you have risky pending bets, you can cash them out and receive a portion of your winnings.
  • Flexibility. Live betting is available for you at any time and anywhere on the go. So you may wager at the most appropriate moment of the game.
  • Increased excitement. Live betting adds to the excitement of the event and makes your routine incredibly engaging.


  • Limited time. When wagering in real time, there is a higher risk of making wrong decisions and losing money.
  • Lower bet limits. Most markets come with lower maximum limits for many in-play games. Thus, live options are not best for high rollers.

How to Wager in Live

Once you have known the main intricacies of betting in real time, you can start placing bets. But before moving any further, familiarize yourself with the step-by-step guide on how to wager live. Everything is simple, and all you should know is as follows:

  1. Look at the betting lines at different websites.
  2. Choose a bookie that offers live options and create your account with it.
  3. Make the first deposit and access the menu bar found on the home page.
  4. Find the options like “live”, “live betting”, “in-play betting”, or “live events”.
  5. Pick a sport you are interested in.
  6. Select a live market and click the odds of it.
  7. Enter the desired deposit amount and place a wager.

Overall, live betting is a world of possibilities and a great way to earn extra money by placing wagers with high odds.

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