SPACEY JANE @ Red Hill Auditorium gets 8/10

Spacey Jane @ Red Hill Auditorium

w/ Claudie Joy & the Joy Boys, Old Mervs, Supathick
Saturday, October 9, 2021


Spacey Jane have really become an iconic Perth band who have set the tone for other local acts. They still have that indie Perth sound (think Courtney Barnett, mixed with The Kooks, and POND) but have their own unique spin, that ironically is being adopted by younger bands and is becoming the new Perth ‘sound.’

Although this tour was for Spacey Jane’s new hit single Lots of Nothing (which already has over 3 million streams on Spotify) it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate how they released another single Lunchtime while on tour!

Singing about Lunchtime at a hometown show (the final show of the tour), what could be more Perth? From Jack Davies’ Vegemite Sandwich to Man Sandal’s Passata Sauce to Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Cornflake to Death by Denim’s Cigarettes and Honey and Spacey Jane’s own Feeding the Family, there seems to be a clear food theme among Perth artists.

Red Hill Auditorium felt like the perfect venue for all four acts, overlooking the city but far enough away to see the stars and the bright crescent moon. The acts flowed seamlessly into each other, drawing increasingly more people to ‘dance’ the mosh, if dancing’s what it could be called considering how packed it was, as Spacey’s performance drew nearer.

Claudie Joy & the Joy Boys

Claudie Joy & the Joy Boys began the night with their hit Honey, some soft melodies and a gentle feel, leading beautifully into Old Mervs, who captured the crowd with their soulful indie rock originals including the crowd-favourite singalong Cellophane. Old Mervs finished with some more energetic singalong covers, a perfect transition to the funky upbeat sound of Supathick. Supathick injected energy into the growing crowd of dancers with their rhythmic funk-pop tunes, jazzy synths, and big personalities. Their 70s funk aesthetic and authentic dance tunes were truly a visual and audio experience.

Spacey Jane

Spacey Jane opened with Weightless, sending the crowd into a hands-in-the-air, singalong frenzy. The energy was electric, with even those still in the Auditorium standing to dance along to some of Perth’s best indie-pop-rock music. Peppa then said an acknowledgment of country after which the crowd sang her Happy Birthday.

The band’s newest single, Lunchtime, was played halfway through the set, eliciting a large cheer and warm reception from the crowd. The fact that many people were passionately singing along to the energetic song, despite it only being out for three days, demonstrated the enthusiasm and love in Spacey Jane’s large fan base.

Spacey Jane

Thrills, Good For You, Weightless and Booster Seat were the top songs of the night, while Lots of Nothing, accompanied by a full blown light show, was a real highlight. It truly was special to experience the unique stage presence of Ashton and Peppa grooving out together, while Caleb sang about love with mundane and Australian references, to a venue full of loving Perth fans. The adoration is deserved, not just for Spacey Jane, but for the event organisers as well for having two female-led bands out of four!


Photos by Adrian Thomson

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