Delilah Rose releases new single ‘100% Woman’ for International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day today, local singer-songwriter Delilah Rose has released her new single 100% Woman. Inspired by the paradox of motherhood and fronting an all-female rock band, it’s the third single from her album Moxie, and comes with a rocking new video.

100% Woman celebrates all the things that go into the recipe of those who identify as being a woman; the good, the bad and the ugly! Your cycle, your body, your mind that changes, your squishy bits, your hard edges, the bits that are dark and so tangled up you think they will stay like that forever.” said Delilah Rose.

“The film team and I really wanted to depict this visually. It’s about celebrating other women because they are not your competition! We do a lot, and so much is expected of us. This one life we have is wild! And I’m here for it, in this body with its flab and farts, sass and sex, brains and brawn. I’m 100% Woman.” 

100% Woman was produced by veteran producer Noah Shilkin, with Delilah Rose on co-production duties. It was recorded at Foxhole Studios with renowned engineer Chad Blondel, and mastered by award-winning James Newhouse. 

Delilah Rose has released the video for her new single 100% Woman. Check it out below.