A Great Place to Play

With so many of us turning online to play our favourite casino games it’s not so surprising that we have seen increased numbers of new online casino sites appearing on our pages on a daily basis, and although choice is a great for the consumer the sheer volume of new sites can be quite confusing, especially if you are new to the world of online casinos.

In order to help those who are either looking at playing at an online casino for the first time or for those who are looking for a change of scenery there are a few great tips to take onboard before you actually do opt into any welcome bonuses or promotional offers.

What Should I Look for in a New Online Casino?

Well, first things first. The most important thing any online casino can have is a current gambling license issued by a reputable Gambling Commission, and/or Gaming Authority. As a rule of thumb if the online casino you are considering does not display their gamling license number at the bottom of their pages then leave well alone.

Note that we said ‘reputable?’  This means that some Gambling Commissions and or Authorities are not so very strict about which sites get a license and which don’t.

Gambling Commissions like the UK Gambling Commission and Authorities like the Malteese Gaming Authority are two examples of what to look for. If you are not sure which are trustworthy and which are not simply google and you should find a list of the ones to give a wide berth.

If we take a look at www.fruityking.co.uk as an online casino to take notice of there are a few important factors that jump out and scream quality.


  • Fruity King was established back in 2015 and in this highly competitive market that is testament in itself – to stand the test of time by consistently listening to what it’s players want and delivering on those requirements has made sure that this exceptional online site stays right up there with the best
  • Any great online casino should be using only the most up to date gaming software provided by the major players in the online gambling software industry. Look out for names like NetEnt and Microgaming as good examples
  • Banking options should be varied and as well as all the trusted payment options other methods like pay by phone should be available.
  • Bonuses and promotional offers are a great marketing strategy and because this market is so competitive they need to be generous and with reasonable restrictions attached to them.
  • The whole site needs to be transparent with no hidden small prints and it is important that information is delivered in a clear and easy to understand manner (no jargon)
  • There also needs to be a great customer support service that is friendly and happy to help when required.

Above are some of the more important factors that all add up to a great place to play, and if you make sure that your chosen site has all the above then you won’t go far wrong when enjoying your favourite online casino games.

Lastly, remember that the aim of the online casino is enjoyment – set your limit for spending and stick to it, and if you find that you are going over your limit, please, walk away.

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