ZIGGY ALBERTS @ Fremantle Arts Centre gets 7/10

Ziggy Alberts @ Fremantle Arts Centre
w/ Kim Churchill
Sunday, December 1, 2019


From busking on the Sunshine Coast to sold out shows all over the country, Ziggy Alberts has undoubtedly earned the title of “Australia’s Golden Boy”. The Fremantle Arts Centre provided the perfect Sunday evening backdrop to what was a laid-back and effortlessly captivating show by the 25-year-old singer-songwriter.

Kim Churchill

Support act Kim Churchill kicked the night off with his folky-blues and emotive storytelling. With just his guitar and a harmonica, Kim Churchill captivated the audience with his opening song Truest Intentions as the venue filled and the sun set. Creating a connection with the growing crowd he told the stories behind his songs from all stages of his career, in what was an inspiring set.

Ziggy Alberts

With the audience properly serenaded, Ziggy Alberts’ introduction began with an extended video in which he described his journey, his intentions and his love for Western Australia. With his time in the West inspiring pivotal moments in his career, Alberts showed love and appreciation for a landscape he is keen to preserve. His Green Touring Initiative is in place for the Laps Around The Sun Tour with this intro showing how Ziggy uses his platform to spread messages close to his heart.

When he eventually appeared on stage he was greeted by over 3,000 adoring fans. With an infectious grin, he opened with crowd-pleaser Bright Lights. Without missing a beat, he effortlessly glided into On Hold. From this moment onwards the crowd was invested and infatuated by the cheerful performer who encouraged the audience to sing and dance along with him.

Ziggy Alberts

Stepping away from his guitar to piano for just one track, Best Friend provided the softer number needed after Days in the Sun. This authentic moment shared with the crowd, where we witnessed Alberts detail such a personal story through the very literal lyrics, made the show feel as intimate as if it were a one-on-one performance. The laid-backed, chilled-out vibe carried throughout the set as his authentic self could not contain the love and excitement he felt at playing this sold out show at a venue he has long dreamt of playing.

Midway through his set, Alberts ventured through the crowd, to play on a small halfway stage with fairy lights and quiet acoustics where crowd helped him sing Yu (A Song For Koda) and the 2016 hit track Runaway. Once back on the main stage, he read a poem written in America about pursuing your dreams and explained this was the first time he had done so to a crowd, emphasising that each show is a unique experience.

Ziggy Alberts

As the chords for Love Me Now rung out for what was to be the final song, the crowd erupted. This was the moment so many had been waiting for and Alberts delivered a flawless tune before leaving the stage. Not gone for long, he was soon detailing the inspiration behind Warm Coffee in the encore, followed Gone (The Pocahontas Song) to round out the hour and a half long set.

Ziggy Alberts’ show was just as imagined; a down to earth and genuine set to soundtrack the perfect evening in Fremantle. Each song was thoughtfully chosen to highlight his success and life in an intimate and inviting way. It is clear Ziggy loves what he does and his unwavering interaction and connection with the crowd made the show the special experience that it was.

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