YOUR GIRL PHO Surrender gets 8/10

Your Girl Pho

Daily Nightly


Your Girl Pho may just be one of the most exciting names in Perth music right now. After a successful 2019 which saw the release of Don’t Wanna and Five-Thirty PM, she’s now signed with the record label Daily Nightly. So we have her first single of this year, the intoxicating Surrender.

Even the name invites warmth. She’s a confidante, a mate; her music is suitably welcoming and breezy. Surrender sounds like a late-night intimate phone call about love and relationships. Pho’s heartfelt and soulful R&B is backed by her big vocal range. Her voice floats and chops, always confident and assured. 

The song is an ode to letting love go and not surrendering yourself to another. “I got no questions for you/ Cause I know the answer’s the truth/ Ain’t no more/ Emotional tornado,” she sings, and Pho shows a self-actualising self-confidence throughout. It’s as if Lily Allen had ignored the pop trappings of chart success and immersed herself in UK garage. 

Surrender is a dynamic and commanding performance by Pho and if she can recreate this sparkling sound over a larger release, 2020 could be her biggest year to date.


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