YMCA #YWeAreStillHere

The YMCA WA has announced the need for ongoing support for young people during and after the current pandemic, with research showing they are the worst affected sector of society. The YMCA has accordingly adapted their services since COVID-19 and moved many of their free youth services online, such as digital one-on-one counselling and live-streamed activities.

They’ve also just launched season 2 of YChats, their podcast for young people, by young people. After a survey of young people before putting the episodes together, they found one of the topics that came up the most was domestic violence, so to kick start YChats season 2, they’ve got a domestic violence expert talking about how lockdown has magnified domestic violence and gives tips on how young people can best manage their situation.

The Y is continuing to support young West Australians during COVID-19 in many different ways. including:
YChats, a Y WA podcast series delivered for young people by young people, available on Spotify, iTunes and Libsyn.
WhyNot? is an online space for young Australians, created by the Y, to have their voices heard by publishing their uncensored an un-institutionalised opinions, ideas and stories.
– The Y Youth Parliament leadership program, which has been running for 25 years now, has gone online in order to continue throughout this time, hosting virtual debates and developing bills.
– Their free youth services have gone digital in order to continue to provide support for young people.
– The Y and WhyNot? have collaborated to provide an innovative webinar called Body, Mind and Spirit promoting your own wellbeing during COVID-19 for all young Australians.

The YMCA has adapted their services so that they can be delivered online due to COVID-19. For more information click here.


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