Wicked Wench



A lot of pundits out there are telling us that rock music is dead, yet top quality releases keep on coming such as Sophia Marie’s latest Wicked Wench platter.

Less a band than a vehicle for the American-born bass player and vocalist, Wicked Wench cram 10 stylish tracks into Evil, which falls around the Iron Maiden level of heavy-osity.

Marie boasts a velvet hammer of a voice and a style reminiscent of Epica’s Simone Simons and Tarja Turenen, even though her music is more heavy rock than symphonic metal.

With a unique sound courtesy of Marie and Rob Agostini’s excellent production job, Evil is definite step forward from 2008’s Twisted album, with Rescue Me, Circle Of Lies, Fear In The Enemy and Wicked Angel all showing mature, talented songwriting chops.

Drafting in Reaper’s Riddle vocalist Clayton Mitchell to duet on the darkly melodic Winter Kiss proves a masterstroke, bringing a heavier edge to the track as their voices complement each other to great, propulsive effect.

The music industry may well be in a dire state, but Evil proves that there is no shortage of creativity and talent out there.



  1. warren Bligh says:

    I really loved Sophia’s first album “Twisted”. The tracks – “Twisted” and “Set Me Free” are among my all time favourite songs by any artist. I put on her second release “Wicked” and was instantly blown away! I don’t know another album by ANY artist that has ever done that to me before. This is one hell of an album by one hell of an artist !

  2. warren Bligh says:

    Please Change the Title WICKED to EVIL. It’s late! Hehe

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