WHISPER WHITE A life-changing Australia Day

Presented by The Strawboat Collective and written and directed by Kerry Bowden, Whisper White is a new piece of theatre sponsored by the City of Fremantle’s Arts and Community funding program which will have its inaugural production at The Fremantle Fibonacci Centre, opening Thursday, September 19.

On a hot summer evening, three young couples gather to celebrate Australia Day, 2018. Hosts Ruby and Bryce share gourmet food, beer and a smorgasbord of cocktails with close friends Eliza, Marcus, Hannah and Andrew. In the warm space of friendship, much laughter, frivolity and rapid-fire conversations abound. As the night unfolds, contested opinions and political debates crisscross the dinner table, giving glimpses of contemporary Australia’s changing identity.

Two years later, Marcus, looks back on that fun-filled, intoxicating evening. In a series of monologues, Marcus reflects on what made the occasion such a life-changing and heartbreaking experience. As Marcus tells his story, interspersed with scenes from the dinner table, light is shed on the bonds of friendship, the vulnerability of youth and the restorative power of resilience.

Presented by The Strawboat Collective and sponsored by the City of Fremantle’s Arts and Community funding program, Whisper White runs from September 19 – 22 at The Fremantle Fibonacci Centre. Click here for tickets.

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