WHALE SUPER HIGHWAY gets 8.5/10 A whale of a tale

Directed by Julia Redwood

Narrated by Marta Dusseldorp
Starring Chris Burton, Bec Wellard, Curt Jenner, Mitch Jenner


Whale Super Highway is a documentary that utilises a 180 degree Dome Screen to bring the everyday lives of the Humpback whale to life. As the giant creatures float before you on screen, the quality of the camera shots will make it feel like you yourself have dropped under the waves to swim with them, with their songs ringing in your ears and reverberating through your body. Seated in such surrounds, it fills one’s senses and immerses the you in the moment, which is something that unfortunately could be lost for those viewing the documentary outside the cinema setting.

The documentary’s narrative is of the Humpback whale and its dramatic rise and fall in population over the past century. It attempts to answer why the population has made such significant shifts, and explores the whales’ migration patterns, such as their 6,500km annual migration down the coast of Western Australia to feeding grounds in Antarctica.

Local whale expert Chris Burton and marine mammal scientist Bec Wellard provide expertise into the whales and guide you through one of these epic migrations. Marta Dusseldorp (Janet King)’s narration is fitted alongside that of the experts, aiding to explain the unique quirks of these majestic creatures.

The real allure of Whale Super Highway is the stunning aquatic photography and insights into a world that many of us never get to see. While the world of whales is mere kilometres off our coast, many of us are unlikely to truly see it, and it is through this film that you can finally have that experience, wrapped around you.

Whale Super Highway is screening at the Outdoor Dome Theatre from August 28 as part of CinefestOZ. Check their website for details and tickets. 


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