WATCH AND ACT @ The Blue Room Theatre gets 7/10

Watch and Act
@ The Blue Room Theatre
Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Working as an emergency broadcaster on the radio gave writer and performer Katie McAllister plenty to think about regarding climate change. It was only fitting that the young Albany local channelled these experiences into her latest work aptly titled Watch and Act.

This one woman show, masterfully directed by Michelle Endersbee, is a gentle, personal and often poetic reflection on the impact climate change can have on the places and people we love. Watch and Act artfully blends the personal with the political, using stand up comedy, poetry and videography to illustrate the anxieties experienced by many in the face of an impending climate disaster.

The result is a gentle drive through McAllister’s memories and colourful imagination, beautifully brought to life by production designer Claire Testoni, lighting designer Kristie Smith and documentarian Sophie Minissale.

Katie is warm, funny and earnest and holds the audience spellbound throughout the show. Through the magic of her storytelling, the audience is taken on a journey to the warm, sandy beaches of Kenjarling at Christmas and even to that dreaded year 10 English lesson where many of us were first introduced to the works of the SouthWest’s famous son: Tim Winton.

McAllister’s delivery of the script is personal and tinged with both sadness and hope. As someone who identifies as neurodiverse, the gentle manner in which she reflected upon the impact climate change has had on her OCD was particularly moving.

Well written and sensitively put together, with laughs abound and plenty of food for thought: Watch and Act is a clarion call to action! It’s definitely one to watch, so get tickets now before it closes this Saturday, October 16.




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