Valorant tips: 5 major things to adopt into your game to climb the ranks 

Just like any other action game out there, Valorant increases your rank as you progress in the game. This is a good motivation to make players increase their effort in the game and spend a long-time practicing. However, not knowing the right input for those practice hours makes your practice as good as nothing.

So, in this article, we will be providing 5 major tips you should add to your play to see great results. In addition, here are some Exclusive Valorant Cheats for PC that will make your climb a lot easier.

5 Tips to Help You Climb The Ranks In Valorant

1. Know Your Agents

Several people will recommend that you learn to use a specific agent. This is a good practice, but what happens when you need to fill up for your team? So, it is wise to learn how to play using up to 4 agents. 

In addition, this will help you to know the abilities of different agents. This knowledge puts you a step ahead since you know what to look out for if you are against one of your familiar agents. Ultimately, you have a first-hand experience of these agents’ abilities, allowing you to choose which one fits your playstyle.

2. Be Selective with Your Weapons

The 17 guns in Valorant are a great pick for different players. The important thing to note is that they serve best in different situations. Also, another determinant of your choice of weapons is your playstyle.

Some excellent guns you should pick in Valorant are Spectre, Sheriff, Phantom, Operator, and Vandal. For example, the Phantom boasts good accuracy, low spread, and high fire rate. It also has a silencer that you will appreciate if you are the sneaky type of gamer. So, if you plan to get a good firefight, save 2,900 credits and go grab that Phantom.

3. Enjoy the Practice Mode 

Some video games just allow you to jump into the main game unprepared and at your peril. Thankfully, Valorant features a practice mode that allows you to prepare for the main game. In this mode, you can fight with bots to help you fine-tune your skills.

The firing range, for example, allows you to improve your aiming as you fire at bots. Also, you can practice with different agents and learn their different abilities, helping you to choose your main game agent. Finally, you get to test your weapons and customize the settings to your advantage.

4. Aim at Head Level

Almost any of the 17 guns available in Valorant is a good gun if you can make a headshot. A weapon like Vandal can get you a kill with a single shot to the head, and some of its counterparts may need just 2 shots. Just be ready to flick your crosshair down in case your opponent crouch.

On the other hand, shots to the body impact far less damage, requiring up to 3 to 4 shots for a single kill. If you want to get the most frustrating shooting experience, shoot at the legs, it delivers the least blow. So, by all means, keep your crosshair leveled up.

5. Work on Your Aiming And Precision

Having the best guns available in Valorant is just a waste if you don’t know how to use them effectively. This banks much on your shooting accuracy and precision, making it important to improve those areas. The practice range is a good platform to help you sharpen your aiming.

You may have to stand still while aiming to get a good aim, instead of running and aiming at enemies. Better still, you should crouch to reduce your chances of being hit. Also, take some time to fiddle with your crosshair in the range; it gives valuable recoil details.


Ranking up in Valorant is an exciting aspect of the game. What’s more important is not allowing your rank to drop. This can happen if you stay for too long without undertaking competitive matches. Also, don’t do too bad in your matches; it affects your rank. Use these tips above to increase the speed at which you go up the Valorant rank Ladder. But also pay more attention to improving your gaming skills.

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