UNCUT GEM Having a pearler

Uncensored, uncircumcised, and un-unfunny, David Morgan-Brown is bringing his new show Uncut Gem to Fringe World this summer, showing at Mezzanine Bar at Cheeky Sparrow on Thursday, January 20 and Thursday, January 27;  and Mint Nightclub on Tuesday, January 25 and Thursday, January 27. The show is said to offer “bite-sized rants and offensive one-liners” as Morgan-Brown attacks a whole range of topics including childbirth, medication, relationships, ass hair, and (of course) the Rona. BRAYDEN EDWARDS spoke to David Morgan-Brown to find out more.

Congrats on bringing your show Uncut Gem to Fringe this summer! How long has this been in the works for and why was now the time to take it to the stage?

Thanks! It’s been close to four years getting material, then almost a year structuring all that material into a show. And now’s the time to put it on stage because, well, might as well kick my own ass onto stage and get it done.

How would you say Uncut Gem is different from other comedy shows?

I get the feeling the difference may be that other comedians talk about real moments from their lives, whereas I just bullshit everything. My life is boring, but I like to do creative writing, so I just make stuff up. But then again, some weird stuff has happened in my life, and I talk about them with not much jokey input, and audiences laugh at them – so it’s a bit of a mixed bag and it might get to a point where people can’t tell if I’m telling the truth or not. Hopefully I can fool myself, too.

Now we’ve hit the end of 2021, how would you sum up the year?

Some people said that 2020 was a burning dumpster. I’d say 2021 was an entire landfill on fire. Though I’m sure some people might say it’s the other way round.

And how are expecting or hoping 2022 to be different?

I’m expecting it to be another tricky year, but just another tricky year closer to normality again, where we can all get back to our freedom, our health, and our unity once again. I’m also expecting terrorist attacks and mass shootings to come out of their COVID
hiatus when the borders open up.

Who else is part of the show and how do they add to the experience?

My openers are Robbie Brooks and Gareth Knight. Robbie’s got the whole comedian package, not only is he stuffed with great jokes, but he even looks and sounds like a comedian – which I’m sure is an insult. Gareth’s got a barrage of hilarious one-liners, and I like the way he delivers them – kinda frighteningly.

What’s next for you for the rest of the year and beyond?

Hookers and weed. I’m gonna need them, for the amount of work I’ve got to get done this year. I’m just hoping to keep accumulating worthwhile material, get longer sets, formulate a more structured show, maybe do paid gigs, and maybe even find true love  – the main goal
of doing stand-up comedy.

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