UN CABARET DE LEGENDES Follow the leader

What do Mark McGowan, Genghis Khan, Martin Luther King Jr and Hitler all have in common? Not a lot really, other than that they’re all the subject of
Un Cabaret De Legendes, a musical cabaret that brings to life these four gentlemen as well as some other world leaders which shaped our modern society. The original production will be delivered with a whole bunch of singing, dancing and audience interaction set to leave crowds laughing on the edge of their seats at Theatre One at Hayman Theatre from Thursday, January 20 until Sunday, February 30. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with creator Chloe Palliser to find out the story behind the show and what audiences can look forward to.

Congrats on bringing Un Cabaret De Legendes to Fringe 2022! How long has it been in the works for and how does it feel to be bringing it to the stage this summer?

I’m really excited for a broader audience to see the production! It started as a Student Lunchtime production at Curtin University called Un Cabaret Dans Le Temps (a cabaret in time) which was a real hit, it even won best lunchtime production of Semester Two in 2021. I’ve taken all the feedback from that production and spoon fed it into this one making it a stronger storyline and a little more crazy.

And how would you explain what the show is about? Without giving too much away, of course!

The easiest way to explain it, is that it’s a musical about world leaders in a cabaret style. You learn some cool facts and you get to sing and dance with the cast along the way. It’s got elements of immersive theatre so you can choose your seating for your desired level of interaction. There’s lots of dancing and singing and it’s super high energy so you’ll be leaving with good vibes.

You must have done some research into these characters for this show. What was the most interesting thing you learnt in the process?

If I mention too much I’ll give away the show (laughs). I had a dramaturg help me with the research into the specific characters in the production, who is also my MC and they’re a real history lover. He comes up with new facts every rehearsal and my favourite would have to be his Anne Boleyn theory which is in the show!

Obviously such different personalities, but other than just being leaders – what else did you feel these characters have in common?

Honestly, not much! They all influenced our modern society either in a good way or they did something so bad humanity said “let’s never do that again.” I tried to pick the most contrasting people I could to keep the show interesting and to have a good level of “good, bad and ugly.”

And what can you tell us about how this translates to dance and cabaret? Will there be a difference between the types of routines we see throughout the show?

There’s definitely different genres of dance explored in the show. We have a tap routine, musical theatre routines which include singing, some commercial jazz and even a little burlesque. These upbeat styles are what brings the energy to the space as well as the enthusiasm from the audience. These styles I’ve had experience in over the last 20 plus years of dancing I have done.

Despite having a good time, is there anything else you would like audiences like to take from the show?

Finding at least one really memorable moment from the show that makes the audience member think “Yeah. This is why I love live performance.”

And how about you? What are you looking forward to the most about Un Cabaret De Legends hitting the stage?

Definitely having all the elements of the production come together. Nothing beats those final tech rehearsals just before opening night when the lights, sound, costumes, props and set all come together with the performance to make a show what it is.

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