TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB False Alarm gets 7/10

Two Door Cinema Club

False Alarm


Two Door Cinema Club have openly stated that they wanted to be more creative and out-there on latest release False Alarm, and they’ve done exactly what they said they would do. False Alarm is a fun ride from start to finish and will keep you dancing for the entire 40 or so minutes. It’s colourful and full of cool and interesting synth sounds to keep the sharp ear entertained.

Album opener Once opens like a sci-fi film and takes on that vibe for most of the song. Singer Alex Trimble’s vocals are strong from the start and continue to be so without the whole album. The line, “Soon you’re going to be a star,” sticks out on this track and hints at what the song may be about.

Talk, which was one of the singles released from False Alarm, is full of the aforementioned fun synths and dance vibes, with a very disco like feel to it and a catchy chorus. Satisfaction Guaranteed brings in the sounds of an early game soundtrack, and describes society’s relationship with social media, a current affair that it seems a lot of artists are eager to discuss.

So Many People brings the album to a more laid-back point, which is nice after three songs of great dancing material, but there will be no stopping in the dancing, only slowing, as this track still provides those vibes. It also has some great guitar riffs in the background for those listening closely.

On Think, Trimble’s vocals are distorted, and while the track isn’t a highlight of the album, it still has a good beat and chorus lyrically. Nice To See You has a very long introduction, but its easy to forgive when the bass line is so cool. The track also plays around with cool synth sounds, like many tracks on the album, but the ones on this song particularly stand out.

Break is the vocal highlight of the album, as Trimble’s vocals shake and sound vulnerable, which is something that we’ve never really heard before from the singer. Dirty Air and Satellite change up the vocals however, making them sound deep and distorted. These two tracks also have parts that sound the most like early Two Door Cinema Club. Satellite though, mixes the old and the new together by including a robotic voice in the middle section, accompanied by some nice instrumentals.

Album closer Already Gone is slower, and as close to a as you’ll find to a ballad. The start incorporates some psych-rock elements, and the song overall sounds reminiscent of something from POND’s The Weather. It’s a highlight of the album, and an excellent closing track.

Two Door Cinema Club have created an album that sounds wildly different from their earlier sound, but they’ve done it in a way that will still capture the hearts of those early fans. It proves that the trio are masters at a good chorus, with everything on the album being catchy and excellent. There’s so many different fun sounds on the album, you discover a new one with every listen. False Alarm is one to make you party, and that’s exactly what you’ll do.


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