TWO CANARIES Flooding the Blue Room Theatre

The Blue Room Theatre
and Alexa Taylor present Two Canaries, a theatre performance on an ocean, opening Tuesday, September 10 at the Blue Room Theatre.

Two Canaries is a requiem for our melting world, and a love song for our future one. Two canaries confront climate change from an onstage ocean, accompanied by cinematic projection and live violin. Inspired by the canaries in coal mines long ago, whose deaths signalled a rising threat to underground miners, this post-dramatic performance piece turns our attention to areas of the world where the threat of climate change is no longer a future possibility, but a lived reality.

Two Canaries is a timely work in an age of school strikes for climate change and bans on single-use plastic bags. Featuring Jess Nyanda Moyle and Zoe Street as the canaries and Brooke Wilson on violin, this is a visually and aurally stunning piece of theatre. Tessa Darcey, as set designer, takes on the incredible task of filling the stage with water. Sweeping projections from video artist Edwin Sitt further enhance the set.

Director and lead creative, Alexa Taylor, says, “I love how theatre can enable people to collectively think about issues that might otherwise seem too big or daunting to think about at all. We’re seeking to transport audiences to a place where real hope can exist alongside stark reality.”

Two Canaries invites you on an expedition into the known world of climate change – as you haven’t known it before. Journey with the canaries from Arctic ice to golden Australian sun, in a unique blend of the personal, the poetic, and the ridiculous.

Two Canaries runs at The Blue Room Theatre from September 10 – 28. Click here for tickets.


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