TROPICAL FUCK STORM Suburbiopia b/w This Perfect Day gets 7/10

Tropical Fuck Storm

Suburbiopia b/w This Perfect Day


Tropical Fuck Storm continue to channel their ‘Drones with a touch of acid’ sound on latest single Suburbiopia. While it follows the musical blueprint of previous TFS tracks with its yelping off-kilter melody, it’s creepier than anything the band has put out before.

Their trademark cacophony is more robotic than we have heard, driven by a pneumatic synth/drum pattern and Fiona Kitschin’s vocals which are more commanding than melodic. It certainly suits the subject matter: an exploration of cults and those they draw in. Heavens Gate, Shining Path, Raliens, Chem Trails, and spiritual messiah Teal Swan are all namechecked. There is no narrative per se, but rather a listing of the kind of crackpot ideas and conspiracy theories that may float around the minds of the easily initiated as they sit “locked in [their] mumma’s basement for a fortnite marathon”. It’s rather dire and creepy stuff, set to a most effective backing.

B-side This Perfect Day is more straightforward, a cover of The Saints’ 1977 track of the same name. With Amy Taylor from Amyl & the Sniffers fame on vocals, this is a raucous track that adds a few extra layers of crust to the phased guitar chug of the original. It’s the least inventive of the gang’s covers thus far, largely because dirty punk is already within their wheelhouse, but it’s a blast of snotty noise that’s well worth your time nevertheless.

Great to hear the ladies on vocal duties for both tracks. Frontman Gareth Lidiard has indicated that he will take a back seat on vocals for TFS’ upcoming album, and if this is any indication of the results then it will be rollicking stuff.


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