TRAFFIK ISLAND Ulla Dulla gets 7.5/10

Traffik Island

Ulla Dulla


Flightless Records is building up quite the stable, with Traffik Island sitting alongside Bullant as a breath of fresh electronic air for the label.

Traffik Island is the project of ORB frontman Zak Olsen, and is less indebted to electronica than Bullant (see our review here). They may be the more intriguing project if teaser single Ulla Dulla is anything to go by. This is a really fun psych-lite jam, driven by bleating guitar, click-clack percussion and simple piano runs.

The track doesn’t so much build as cycle, playing off several great vamps on flute and trumpet. The electronic touch is light but can be felt throughout, with some stop-start instrumental samples and the use of delay effects towards the end.

Above all this is cute little jam that recalls a more funky version of what King Gizzard were doing on Papier Mache Dream Balloon. Chalk it up to another worthy waste of your time courtesy of the Flightless crew.


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