Top 5 pop albums to put you in a good mood

Music is pretty much the best, isn’t it? We’re surrounded by it every day and have the ability to listen to whatever we want, no matter where we are, and that is magical. Music gets us through our days.

As this article at https://weraveyou.com/ points out, music plays a huge part in shaping how we act and how we feel. Our mood can be significantly affected by the music we listen to. Sometimes, we listen to Elliot Smith just to wallow in our own angst, and sometimes we blast Wolves in the Throne Room at full volume to just let it all out.

Pop music hasn’t always been taken seriously. It’s just fluff, there’s no substance, it’s too similar, too over-produced. Sure, a lot of it is sweet fluff but so is fairy floss, and who doesn’t love a bite of that every so often? No matter who you ask, it seems like every single person has at least one go-to pop song that they love wholeheartedly.

Pop music is our choice for when we want to feel good. Here are five of our top picks for pop albums that will put you in a good mood. This isn’t a definitive list of the peppiest pop-pleasers by any means – there are simply too many to choose from.

Living Thing – Peter Bjorn & John (2009)

Sometimes, when you need an album to improve your mood, you aren’t in the place for something that’s in-your-face-happy. That can just be annoying and have the opposite effect. Peter Bjorn & John’s breakthrough album Living Thing is perfect for easing your way into feeling good.

Blue period Picasso is a lovely little song that opens from the point of view of a lonely and misunderstood painting on a wall, begging to be stolen so it can find love. Meanwhile, Lay It Down is an entire vibe in itself.

Gold: Greatest Hits – ABBA (1992, rereleased in 2008)

While it hasn’t been scientifically proven – yet! – that listening to ABBA is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, it’s still true. Listening to the 70s Swedish sensation is a surefire solution to a bad mood. Though each of their albums has some uplifting hits, their Greatest Hits album has all of the hits in one place. It’s a smile-making, dance party of an album and that’s hard to top.

Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) will have you dancing, while Lay All Your Love on Me and S.O.S. are perfect for dramatic mirror sing-alongs or karaoke.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (2005)

This album has been accurately described as having the ability to awaken “a dancing beast within” and like riding all the rides at a country fair. This isn’t an album for looking cool or sexy while you’re dancing – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah demands full body, joy-filled flailing.

If you can get past the carnival barker sound of the first track, you’re in for a treat. Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood closes out the album with a bang. Any song that includes the lyrics “there is nothing left to fear now that Bigfoot is captured” is impossible not to love. It’s a free-wheeling celebration of sound.

Begin to Look Around Here – Gretta Ray (2021)

Gretta Ray’s debut album is a gentle mood lifter that eases you into feeling better as you listen. The Ray of Sunshine pun on her name that journalists have been using to describe the album is a perfect fit. There is something very warm and comforting about her vocals – while she has a strong voice, it is never overpowering.

Love Me Right might be a breakup song but there’s no self-pity or sorrow here. It’s a hopeful song about knowing your worth and moving on.

Private Dancer – Tina Turner (1984)

Tina Turner is one of the most iconic pop divas. She has an energy in her vocals that is unmatched by most other singers. The album blends pop, rock, jazz and R&B into a uniquely 80s sound.

Better Be Good to Me isn’t the most famous track on the album, even though it won Turner a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1985. It is an anthem to women’s empowerment and not letting anyone treat you as less than you deserve.

What albums top your good mood list?


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