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In the six years since their last album, The Zebras have moved cities and had a significant change in membership. In spite of all of this change, the tales on Siesta hark back to Jeremy Cole’s formative years in Cairns as the five-piece draw on the lazy vibes of misspent youth.

The Zebras are as breezy as ever on this outing with their guitar jangle and bouncy melodies sure to get the most stubborn wallflower tapping their toes. There is a hint of their long deserted shoegaze roots during moments like Chase, but for the most part the band peddle the musical equivalent of sunshine that would’ve been well at home during C86.

Bassist Edwina Ewins’ vocals are more confident than before as she becomes one of The Zebras’ main weapons. She is at the forefront of first single, Try, as she croons through a hyper-smooth chorus that won’t subside and is wrapped up in a bouncy baseline and playful synth. Penned by new member Lachlan Franklin (formerly of The Smallgoods) High Art is the first song from The Zebras that doesn’t have Cole’s hands all over it and yet its cheery sheen fits the band like a glove.

The Zebras leave no pop stone unturned as they gather help from Architecture In Helsinki’s Gus Franklin to mix all the tracks. There are few things as difficult as writing the simple pop song.  Siesta shows The Zebras are masters of the craft.



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