THE VERONICAS @ HBF Stadium gets 7/10

The Veronicas @ HBF Stadium
w/ Supathick
Saturday, June 12, 2021


When The Veronicas burst onto the scene, the identical twin sisters were seen as a bit of a novelty and their shows were originally full of teenagers. 16 years later, the Origliasso siblings are one of the most successful Australian duos of all time. With the release of their latest two albums scheduled a month apart, The Veronicas were on their first tour for six years with promise of the first half of the show being a high energy introduction into the alter ego of the pop stars, before the second half showcases their more vulnerable singer/songwriter roots.


Supathick are a local collective whose members have considerable stage experience in other bands before forming the funk/disco outfit. While they have featured guest vocalists on their recordings, it is the soulful voice of Keely Brittain that joins them when they play live. Supathick are certainly a band that are made for the larger stage with Brittain being a strong presence throughout. The band were suited and booted for the occasion, with a polite banter interspersed between danceable songs like July and I’m There. There is no doubt that Supathick are a polished outfit, but their tunes and performance would be more at home at a WAAPA open day than a rock show. 

The Veronicas

With the lights dimming and the audio feigning an announcement on an aircraft in distress, The Veronicas arrived on stage holding smoke cannons and wearing PVC bodysuits and boots as their pop star personas were in full swing. Opening with distorted guitars, a high energy romp through GODZILLA kicked out any cobwebs. With the new album having been represented early, The Veronicas could shift most of their focus to their numerous hits. When It All Falls Apart had the crowd singing along early and from that point on, the Origliasso sisters had them in the palm of their hands. 

The Veronicas

There is a striking similarity in the way that singers move across the stage incidentally, so when they choreographed dance moves during Take Me On The Floor, they were captivating. People made their way out of their seats for Hook Me Up, which was given a more guitar-driven outing than expected. Ending the pop star persona section of the set saw This Is How It Feels worked through at volume and at breakneck speed before the siblings disappeared for a quick costume change. 

The Veronicas

Returning to the stage with skirts on signalled the singer/songwriter portion of the show, and an opportunity for some newer material to be delivered including the ballad Without You. The band members were dressed in black and stayed in the wings of the stage to be mostly ignored, but the show was never going to be about them. The Veronicas have always been strong vocally, yet they appear to have improved significantly of late. The soft controlled harmony at the end of Everything I’m Not was a testament to this, but it was the encore of You Ruin Me that confirmed it beyond doubt. 

The Veronicas

Throughout the evening The Veronicas showed that they were grateful for all those that had stuck with them, acknowledged the support of the LBGTQ community over the years and genuinely appeared to be enjoying themselves throughout. While Lisa has carried the show at times in the past, it was Jessica who looked most at home and vocally at her best. Their records can contain a fair bit of filler, but when giving over to their hits, The Veronicas’ live show is simple pop excess at its best.


Photos by Linda Dunjey



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