Snax, Spirits and Classic Hits



Formed across bedrooms in Melbourne, The Pink Tiles are a playful bunch that have far exceeded their shelf-life and expectations. With a cassingle, debut album and international tour under their belts, the six-piece have quickly put together another five songs for the party-infused Snax, Spirits And Classic Hits. 


Half of the members of The Pink Tiles may be blokes, but the tight harmonies of Victoria de Fruitia, Mara Williams and Samantha Wass ensures that these pop stylists with their feet firmly planted in the ‘60s will find it hard to shift the tag of girl group. Work It Out opens proceedings in a retro fashion that conjures images of women in high boots and go-go dancers.  


Even when de Fruitia sings of having her heart broken on the bust up song, The Boy I Love, she can’t help but lead a sing along and get feet tapping. Music Industry Event changes things up with chugging guitars and lyrics that poke fun at the band’s lo-fi approach to be the brightest track on this release.


The Pink Tiles aren’t aiming to break new ground or push the boundaries of the listener, theory are content to win hearts with their simplicity and energy. Snax, Spirits And Classic Hits is like an aural pool party.




4/5 stars

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